The Challenge

Indian pharmaceutical research and development firm that specializes in generic formulation development and commercial manufacturing of solid oral and liquid oral dosage forms was looking to out-license an approved ANDA of a generic version of a hypertension drug to a partner in the USA.

Why GeneriQ

GeneriQ was chosen because of its reach into the North American market, access to decision-makers at key virtual to mid-size generic companies whose existing portfolio could be bolstered by the addition of this generic.

The Solution

GeneriQ did a detailed assessment of the market opportunity, launch and marketing costs that could be involved for potential partners via scenarios of “outright sale”, “out-licensing for royalties” as well as “out-licensing with transfer price” scenarios. Partnering and deal strategies were developed for the selected optimal strategy and incorporated into a business proposal.
GeneriQ utilized a customised search strategy based on the product specifics, to identify potential candidates for whom this product could be a correct fit. Discussions were initiated with the business development teams at these prospects and the product specifics, and key differentiators were discussed, and an assessment was made with regards to the commercial fitment in their respective portfolio.
GeneriQ did an independent review of the dossier and manufacturing site at developers site also to assess preparedness for undertaking commercial supplies of the said product.
Top 3 prospects were identified, and business proposal and cases were explored with all the top 3.


Product successfully partnered via a out-licensing fee + royalties for sale model. Partner was a mid-size pharmaceutical company focused on distribution of generic prescription pharmaceutical products in tablet, capsule and oral liquid forms to customers throughout the United States, marketing its products primarily to drug wholesalers, retail drug chains, distributors, and government agencies.