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Thanks for visiting us today! Welcome to GeneriQ. We are a virtual pharmaceutical company creating value by connecting companies, people and knowledge.

Based in the US, with sourcing offices and personnel based in the US and in China; in the span of 5 years, we’ve become the go-to licensing/sourcing partner of choice for multiple clients across US, China and Europe. We also represent Indian & US based F&D companies and assist in selling their services including complete product development & dossier licensing to companies in the US & China.

17 people strong, our team has a unique mix of seasoned pharmaceutical industry business development professionals and highly talented scientific professionals with vast and varied experience in the formulations space. Our experts are from domains such as Regulatory, PK, Formulations, Manufacturing and Business Development and Marketing who’ve had the experience of contributing to successfully getting multiple generic products into the market through the course of their careers in US, India and China.

Through the course of our operations; we’ve helped and are in the process of helping small to medium-sized developers looking to out-license, virtual to large generic companies looking to in-license and co-develop their product of choice, Developers looking for cost-effective Formulation, development or RLD/comparator products. Innovative device/ NCE companies thinking of bringing their product to market in areas like India, China, Turkey, Jordan.

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We’re a very nimble organisation with our core competency being our people and our connections. We look forward to getting to know you!

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